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Blog, what blog?

January 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I frequently have people come up to me and say "I love your blog"!  I always smile and say thanks, because, well, that's what southerners do.  These are usually people I know, so I'm relatively sure they don't have me confused with someone else, though I suppose that's possible.  I've never had a blog before now. I just assumed they were talking about one of my online galleries where I post some of my work, or maybe my Facebook page, where I occasionally post a "Random Thought for the Day".  But, those aren't really blogs, right?   So here I am!  Trying to make those people right, with a real blog.  I just hope people like it as much as the one I didn't have.

Well, this is supposed to be about photography, more specifically, my photography.  So here is how it all began.  My parents always had cameras around.  From the Brownie to the latest Polaroid, but never anything "professional".  They wouldn't let me have film because it was too expensive, but I used to play with them an pretend shoot all kinds of things.  I was fascinated with art, cameras, and the idea of making images.  When I could afford my own film and developing, I began taking photos for real.  I wasn't until I finished college and was working for a local record store (yes, records in those days), that I won my first 35mm camera in a merchandising contest.  Capitol Records presented me with a brand new Yashica 35mm SLR!  Sorry, I don't remember the model, but they started a 40 plus year love affair.  Like all affairs, there have been ups and downs.  Over the years, I have been completely absorbed, and completely absent.  Sometimes life got in the way, and sometimes life provided just the right motivation.  I took photography classes through the local community college.  Learned to develop and print B&W film.  I drove my girlfriends and then my family crazy taking pictures over the years.

After the Yashica lost it's charm, I bought and briefly shot with a Canon (AE-1 to be exact), but I soon found the light and moved to Nikon.  My first Nikon was an FE2, and I loved it!  Been shooting Nikon ever since. 

So, here is my first photography tip.  It took me a while to learn it, because I'm hardheaded and kept wanting to get better cameras.  Pick a system (doesn't matter if it's Nikon or Canon, or something else, even), get a decent body, and then spend all of your budget on the best glass you can buy!  Every bit of light that comes into your camera, comes through the glass.  No matter how good the body, it can only record what comes through the lens.  Once you have quality lenses, then you can think about upgrading the body if you need to/want to, but you don't have to rebuy the glass. 

Nikon D750 w/ 24-70mm f2.8My go to setup at the moment.

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